Grandma & Grandpa's Farm

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Progress on PM Museum Blog

The museum blog is coming along well. I even got rid of the border around the images which mussed up ones which are supposed to be on a transparent background.

Content has bee a bit slow, but I'll have to work on that.

~ Darrell Wade / Belgnorman

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Updated Port Moody Museum Blog

I took the plunge!

I updated the Port Moody Museum Blog to the newer “Layout” style rather than the “Template” style of doing things. It means that many things will be easier and there are new features that can be used.

However there was no exact copy of the museum's design so I had to do a best fit. The design is a bit narrower. The post area is 450 or so pixels wide rather than the 500 I had to play with before and actually I have to keep to 400 pixels wide maximum for graphics. Perhaps I can tweak things wider.

In the meantime I am going to do some modification of the blog entries to fit the Layout.

Still many things will be so much easier to manage with the newer layout system. This will be a godsend if I have to turn over the reigns to someone else for a time.

~ Darrell Wade / Belgnorman

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Gnome Graphic


I'll probably end up doing without a title for the title on the museum blog site, but I can put in the museum welcome graphic that way.

If you are curious, the way I have the gnome graphic at the start of the messages is simply by having a graphic I made in advance and inserting the graphic on the left of the page. You have to insert the graphic from a URL instead of uploading it from your computer though. Otherwise it is stored as a png graphic and loses its transparent background. I think it has to do with they way they store uploaded graphics.

I do think I am nearly ready to convert the museum blog to the new system of design rather than the old template system. So the large part of the reason I created this blog for.

~ Darrell / Belgnorman

Some design changes

Hello again!

I made a change to the blog design. Of course if I make further changes these changes may or may not still exist.

In this case I added an image which is in this main posting column of the blog. It is a picture of my Grandparent's farm in Manitoba. They lived there until they moved into town when Grandpa retired.

Have you ever noticed that when the husband retires, his wife, unless she also is in the "work force" really doesn't and still does her same work of keeping the house?

I know my Mom still makes Dad's meals and does the laundry now that Dad is retired.

Something to keep in mind when you go home to visit. Mom's need a chance to retire too!

~ Darrell / Belgnorman

A Start

Well, once more unto the breach and another blog started. This one I think I shall either use to sound off in or spout poetry in. Or both at the same time.

Actually I am here to practise playing with the blog "template editor"... though they don't call it a "template editor" now. I had planned on doing that in the other Gnomestead blog I have here, the Gnomestead Campfire Circle, but the editor does not work on blogs hosted on other servers.

So here we are! Keep your eye out or changes in design. Perhaps it is called a "design editor"?


BelGnorman / Darrell Wade