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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Everyone Wants Our Membership!

Of Course You Want to Make Up Another Account.

Have you ever noticed that no matter what you want to do on the Web someone is asking you to register? In the very least they want you to enter an email address.

Having created and managed Boards, Blogs, Forums, and Groups I can understand some of the necessities for this. I have a Board actually for general socializing and discussion called "The Gnome's Garden" which there is a link to in the Links area of this Blog and I actually had to change its URL -- Web Address -- because I had too many "Spambots" calling and trying to make accounts on it or post in areas that unregistered members might make posts. I ended up spending a half hour a day simply sorting through the Spam posts and Spammer accounts before taking any enjoyment from the board -- and there were less than a dozen actual members on that Family oriented board.

Anyway requiring registration and confirmation with a valid email address was the only thing that could be done at first... but that was not even enough as even with optical character recognition there were problems. So I created a screen door to screen out the spambots. It did work but the only members I attract are friends I directly attract.

Still... I am constantly searching out interesting topics on the web and that means finding places to comment in and things I just really want to comment on. I know some places just want an email address and never use it. I mean many Blogs looking for comment and many have it set so that the owner has to okay any comments before they are published.

But still, it seems every day there are one or two sites that want me to register. Probably 90% of those places I might never come back to and perhaps only want to ask a simple question of the person who made a post or comment. But it adds up to over 700 sites registered to a year... Those might be places wanting a password too and how many passwords might a person use. I guess a person might have "throw away" passwords just like they might have "throw away" email addresses.

I know that some of these places might actually be farms wanting to harvest lists of email addresses to sell... it makes me consider misspelling my name in different ways so that I can tell just who is selling my name to who. But my name is in enough places and in actuallity... I really do not get tonnes of spam... I think perhaps only 5%-10% of my email is Spam... that includes both what is caught by my spam filter and that which isn't.

I don't sign up nearly so often... I am tired and burned out a bit. Perhaps that is why I get less Spam? Can you wear out your Spamworthyness?

~ Darrell


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