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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Hunting We Shall Go - Looking for stuff on the Internet

Looking For Artists - II

I found an image on my computer and I realized that it is one I would like to review on "Blended Realms" however it is an image that I found quite a while ago before I ever figured I might be interested in seeking its source. So I decided to seek that source out this afternoon.

I thought I might share that hunt with you as an example of how I hunt for stuff. I am normally fairly successful so I thought I'd share.

The image is a file on my hard drive called "CoolestPictureEver.jpg" (image to the left -- image from deviantArt) and you might think it would be difficult to find from that. But it is always worth starting with a simple search. I might have taken a different first step... but I will come back to that. The image did not have the link that I have conveniently included in this article... I found that after the process I am about to outline.

The first thing I did was go to my Firefox browser and type "Coolest Picture Ever" into the search window. Firefox has a search window right on the browser toolbar and it defaults to Google. I can set it to a number of search engines including directly going to "Google Image". I also have an Application added to my Firefox which lets me customize Google to my preference. You'll be able to do these searches from Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, or others including Flock and other Mozilla derived browsers.

When I searched using Google Image I could immediately look at the results to find if I had found the image I was seeking. Google Image: coolest picture ever

I immediately recognized the thumbnail from the Incredimazing Site! I also recognized this as the site I first saw the image on. But they are just a "Social {PIC} Collective" which I take to mean are like a blog/image collection service and the person didn't really say much about where the image was from other than having a large image of it. But looking at the picture was where I realized the alternative way I could have searched! At the bottom on the "matting" of the image is some information on the image. The name, artist, and copyright notice. "Space Lane - By Dinyctis" "Copyright 2004 - All Rights Reserved".

Now, "Space Lane by Dinyctis" would probably give me very good results from Google if the artist existed at all on the Web! Indeed entering "Dinyctis" alone produced results. The first listed in my search was "dinyctis on deviantART" which is actually a heading with subheadings. The main result was good enough for what I wanted.

"Space Lane" was even the piece of artwork featured on Dinyctis' page so I could go directly to the page on the work rather than search through his gallery pages.

The tools I want to pass on are that you can type in file names into a search window on Google Image or Google to potentially find an image. I suggest not including the suffix like ".jpg" ".gif" or ."png". I suggest perhaps looking first at the image to see if there are any identifying marks on the image. That is a step I forgot to take -- there might have even been a Web address in the information at the bottom of the image. Of course if Google wouldn't have come up with anything... or if it came up with too much, I could have gone to a site like deviantART to search like I mentioned in the previous "A Hunting We Shall Go" article.

~ Darrell


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