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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Is Length Really Important?

Why Do So Many Bloggers Have Blog Pages That Are Miles Long?

I often research various topics on the web. I might be searching for the perfect image for something or some obscure fact and quite often I find links in my search to items within Blogs. Now of course I have to double check sources when I do find things, but often even having the page it is very hard to find the thing that was on that page without nearly having to use a search engine to search the page. That is because so many bloggers will have a blog page that is very long -- probably 3 to 4 times or more longer than my own blog.

Sometimes I wonder if my own blog pages are a bit long, but I do restrict mine to 7 articles per page. That was on purpose because then people would have an easier time hunting things down and not be constantly scrolling down and down and down again. It is a matter only perhaps of aesthetics, and perhaps my tastes are not widely held -- as are my preference to try to stick with Canadian English where possible.

I have no problem with articles of substance and length. I do worry that I am actually exceeding the limit of what I would consider a good length for a blog article, but I do try to keep things reasonable. Still when I am hunting down things and come across an article and image on a blog and I look at the scroll bar and see it shrink to less than the height of a lower case letter -- I start wondering if it is worth hunting through that blog for the small tidbit that might not even be what I am looking for.

I do remember when setting this blog up being asked how many articles I wanted on a page and considering that. Of course I remembered this issue of overlong pages and decided with trying to do a page a day that 7 articles would fit a weeks worth on a page which sounded about right.

But I am not sure what people are trying to do with scrolls of blogs that would take spools upon spools of parchment without end.

~ Darrell.


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