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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Need or Want :: Necessity or Luxury

When a Cellphone Stops Being a Luxury

There are many times I have heard on "The People's Court" where the judge has said that "a cellphone is a luxury and not a necessity." Now I do know where she is coming from and agree with what Judge Milian is saying. However sometimes we must lift the brush we are painting with and make sure we are not painting too broad a swath.

It might seem strange, but perhaps the truly needy are the ones who need the "luxury" of a cell phone the most?

The people who are homeless and living on the street are people, just like you and me, who have needs and desires — and I am not just speaking of a desire to chatter with someone a block away on a cellphone.

If you are homeless and manage to land an entry-level job, you will hit obstacles because there are no regular ways to contact you. After failing to contact you a number of times through numbers at soup kitchens or shelter switchboards, your employer is likely to label you "unreliable" — costing you that job.

A pay-as-you-go or "no contract" cellphone might not cost very much for an inexpensive model and if you do not use it much, might not cost much to operate each month. But, it does give that important contact number for employers, potential employers, future employers, social agencies, and family to keep in touch with you. Some of this can be very important so that you don't feel like you've fallen off the face of humanity.

Granted when you are on the street and near cashless, your calls on the cellphone are likely to be short and to the point: "Hello...I'm fine...I'll meet you at the coffee shop on first and main in half an hour... see you there, you have my number." A person wants to minimize the minutes on the phone if you watch all the minutes you pay for in advance on the phone. Better to make appointments to talk in person for sure.

(image to right from Computer Finance)

...and then there are emergencies... have you noticed how far and in between the pay phones are now? How many folk would let a homeless person use the phone in their business or their personal cellphone even if they said it was a "911 Emergency"? That phone in the pocket could be a life saver.

So while a cellphone might be a luxury for the working poor who have homes and can afford a home phone, for the homeless... that phone might actually represent their home.

~ Darrell


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Unknown said...

Hi Darrell,
Excellent insights about the homeless and cellphones. your observations are right on target: a homeless person has to be reached by a prospective employer and will need a phone for contact.

I love the picture of the house. Is it yours? Beautiful, character home.

Darrell Wade said...

Thank you Athlyn,

With the price of no contract cell phones going down, it really makes sense for people who do not have traditional homes to have one. The biggest trick I think is navigating to find one with the minutes you need that aren't going to evaporate before you can use them, allowing you to have the service at absolutely minimal cost.

The house was my Grandparents farmhouse in Southeast Manitoba. They built it themselves while my Dad still lived with them. They had 5 boys and 3 girls. I loved spending Christmas there... Summer holiday trips too. That was the Christmas I got a Kodak X45 Instamatic Camera. You can see my shadow and my sister's in the picture. My sister was being my shadw as she also got a camera and she wanted to capture every picture I did. :-)

~ Darrell

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