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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Earthday: Thumb Up for Trees

Invite Your Friends to Help - Thumb Up for Trees

I guess it is the day after Earth Day, but it is still Earth Week, I think. Anyway I looked at my "StumbleUpon" tool bar and they have this special deal for Earth Day: Thumb Up for Trees

With every "Thumbs Up" they get, StumbleUpon will plant a tree with help from the National Forest Foundation*. This runs through May 2nd. There are three steps:

  1. Register - Register with StumbleUpon and add the tool bar. (If you already have the tool bar you can skip this.)
  2. Thumbs-up - "Thumbs-Up" the Thumbs Up for Trees page with the StumbleUpon toolbar
  3. Share - Share this page with friends to plant some more. (If you reload the page you can watch the number of trees grow.)

Quoting from the Thumbs Up for Trees page:

day millions of StumbleUpon users discover great web sites and give them a "Thumbs-up". Starting this Earth Day, we want to harness the power of our community and the "Thumbs-up" to plant trees for the National Forest Foundation.

Simply use the StumbleUpon toolbar to thumbs-up this page and, from now through May 2, with every thumbs-up StumbleUpon will plant a tree with help from the National Forest Foundation*. Your thumbs-up means more trees for America's National Forests and more visibility for this cause. Give a "Thumbs-Up for Trees" and spread the word!

* Sponsorship Agreement: During the campaign period StumbleUpon agrees
to donate funds to the National Forest Foundation to plant trees for
each "Thumbs-Up", up to a maximum donation of $25,000. The Campaign is
being conducted by the National Forest Foundation for the following
charitable purpose: to benefit the overall operation of The National
Forest Foundation.

Anyway they have 10.279 Thumbs-Up so far!


~ Darrell

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