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Friday, April 18, 2008

A Flight of Fantasy

A Flight of Fantasy

I was talking with a friend earlier in the day and one thing led to another and they said something like "nobody better bring up 'Area 51' when discussing it with me" - and that got the humorous side of my mind going. I was going to remark something along the lines of "'Area 51' is nothing, you should see 'Area 52'!" The number "52" got me thinking... I pondered a moment - that "52" was special.... and I realized it was how many weeks there were in a year.

I have a mind that when it wanders, it really packs up a backpack and heads for the back country. So I started considering there might be significance in the number beyond the fact that the "area" numbered before it was "50" and the one behind it was "52".

They say that Area 51 is where the US hides fallen UFO's and alien technology in addition to using it to test cutting edge home grown aeronautical technology like the Lockheed Skunk works bred. Keeping that in mind, I considered this: What is at the end of the 51st week of the year?


So at the area associated with Christmas is where the US is keeping its toys - trying to unwrap the technology within. That is Area 51 - from an odd viewpoint.

From that same odd viewpoint - though I have never heard of it and do not know if it is marked on any chart, what about "Area 52"? If perhaps in "Flight of Fantasy" I conjecture it exists somewhere, consider for a moment: What is at the end of the 52nd week of the year?


This is the marking of the end of the old year and the beginning of a fresh new page. Perhaps Area 52 would be where the US is reverse engineering the alien technology and getting it to work.

Perhaps craft are taken from Area 51 and taken to Area 52 where the secrets in them are not just revealed, that for the most part happens at Area 51, but in Area 52 they are making it work for themselves?

Now I am not talking any chronological calendar here - no countdown to an end of days or when we can expect a mother ship. Just a designation thing. Oh and "Area 01"? Area 01 is where they have actual home grown craft and equipment using alien technology that is working and being used. After all: Week 01 is in the New Year!

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