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Friday, April 25, 2008

Wonderful Weather Photography

Wonderful Weather Photography

I found a wonderful page with a little slide show of weather shots. "Jim Reed Photography - Severe & Unusual Weather" booThere are over a dozen artful photgraphs by Jim Reed of incredible severe and unsusual weather shots which incorporate in more than a few of them people and other objecgts to give a sense of scale.

It showcases shots from "Storm Chaser, A Phographer's Journey" a book by Jim Reed.

I love the various shots with clouds and the tornado shots are marvelous. He has a number from his work in National Geographic, I think judging by at least one magazine cover of theirs in the slide show.

I recommend a darkened room for looking at the site in... but I am a bit of a lover of watching slides in a darkened room.

~ Darrell

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