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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Surfin' - BibleMap.Org

Flying Over the Bible

Surfing the Web today I came across a site that interested me. I am interested in maps and satellite imagery as well as history and religion. (beta) is a page where you can enter a Bible Verse - Book and Chapter - and it will place on a window with a map using Google Maps markers for the locations mentioned in that chapter of the Bible. The markers are linked to the name and specific reference in that chapter as well as other places the place is mentioned.

I looked up a few chapters - there wasn't anything before Genesis 10... funny thing that... Many chapters of course do not have any geographical references while others have a number. Some of the references have a lot of information.

I found the page to be nice and clean with a large space for the Google map window and the interface to be fairly straight forward. They do have a blog, though it is a bit out of date. It took me a few moments to realize that if you navigate away from the window with the search in it to the blog or other windows on the top menu - that you get back by clicking on the main logo or title.

I gave it a thumbs up on "StumbleUpon" though I know it would be more interesting and useful if I had specific chapters I was interested in instead of doing a hit-or-miss stumbling search through the Bible. I recommend it for anyone interested in the Bible and seeing where those Biblical places lie.

Here is what writes about itself: is developed by the duo at He Lives Ministries ( The motivation for developing the site was simple, create a free Bible atlas which harnesses Google maps. We hope this site will be a blessing to you and possibly help make the living book of the Bible more alive in your life. Any questions or comments may be sent to:

Many people have helped to make this site possible. Thank you David ( for so much GPS help. Thank you to the ESV Bible translation (ESV) team for allowing us to use your translation. Thank you Todd ( for your excellent photos. Thank you Donna and Jackie for entering so much useful information. Thank you Joey ( for the logo.

~ Darrell

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