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Saturday, April 26, 2008


Poking Fun...

In a forum conversation about some of the silliness in asking a person with actual learning disability in spelling aptitude the gnome added:

Yeah and try to look up lieutenant (wow I spelled it right first go! though the spell checker insists that "spelled" is spelt wrong... or more that I should say that it was not spelt right.) That and bureau. I mean with bureau if you get it wrong you might start with beaureau or leiutenant.... and if you start looking in a dictionary there are so very many combinations of vowels... enough to make bowel sounds come forth with the effart.

...not to mention the phonetic of us who woud be seeking an "F".

BTW what is it with purple brains?

They keep referring to them when someone thinks of something brilliant. If someone comes up with something clever that someone else also has out comes the old saw: Grape minds think alike. Whatever that means....

Shocked 5

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