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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Belgnorman's 500th Birthday

Preparing for Belgnorman the Gnome's 500th Birthday!

I know! I'll be coming out with an article Later! But for now I am preparing for the Gnome's Birthday Celebrations. They'll be going on until at least the 22nd or 23rd, but hey, you only turn 500 once in a lifetime or two! (Not that the next article will be waiting until after the 23rd. Probably later today - the 19th. My Grandma would have been 101 today! Happy Birthday Grandma!)

~ Darrell


Howdy Again!

What is in a day? Yesterday I had my 50th birthday and really nothing much has changed other than a number on some paperwork when I fill it out. Though there is a feeling of change especially because we put a bit of emphasis on the Decade-Centennial-Millennial system. I have just crossed in the the second half of my first hundred years. Perhaps I am strange in fully intending to see my 100th birthday and in fact seeing it possibly in better health than I am in today.

I figure a number of my ails will be dealt with and I am working to improve my physical shape, albeit slowly. I am heading once more to my high school graduation weight and I think I actually am at least a half inch taller than I was then. We shall see. I didn't quite make it for my 50th birthday.

I did have an enjoyable birthday, though my family get-together is still to come tomorrow. I spent yesterday with one of my best friends and her 20 month old daughter. That was a kinda cool way to spend my 50th. It really was nice when she grabbed my hand because she wanted me to escort her from the restaurant while she waved "bye bye" to everyone and even bowed to the Korean hosts. (Many of her Mom's students are Korean so her Mom figured she picked up the habit of bowing at certain times from them.) I even babysat her for a while that evening. Babysitting a toddler isn't too bad a way to spend your birthday if you don't normally have the chance to do something like that. She's like a niece to me and I hardly ever get a chance to see her.

Anyway I am tagging this on to the end of 63a because I figured 63 was really just a teaser for it and I don't want to mess up the count. I'll include a note in one of today's post directing people to the now edited posting.

~ Darrell

PS 63b was added June 20th at 3:50pm PDT


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