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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Go Fly a Kite!

Go Fly a Kite - Not Needing a Tale

Flying a kite... some might think it silly - standing in a field holding the sky up with a string.

I know that some folk might compete for the highest flying or the largest flying kite. I know some will compete for the prettiest or the scariest looking kite. There are competitions that are like aerial ballets - nearly as complicated as ones with planes. There are also fierce battles in the sky where strings are starched and embedded with cutting grit and opponents vie to cut each other's kit or string*. But I know that many if not most simply find an open field with the right amount of breeze and are happy to let the wind take the kite aloft.

Flying a kite is like fishing by a stream, playing fetch with a dog, playing ball with your child, a friendly game of golf, or a walk in the woods.

It is the aspect of getting out into the daylight, preferably with a loved one like a child or friend or lover with no great goal necessary for the best occasion of it. The catching of the fish is not the true goal, it is the sitting or standing by a babbling brook ith the trees whispering. Or being in the golden sun with wind rushing while playing with the kittenish breezes keeping your kite aloft.

You can go and buy a kite, which is pretty easy to do depending on the shops around and the time of year - or you can opt to make one. Making kites is not too difficult and can add to the whole experience. It might take a bit of experience and it would be good to get some kite plans and start with ones that are very foolproof to start with or that are adjustable on the field. I might recommend "Sled Kites" for starters if you are wanting to try make them.

You want to make sure the day is not too windy for your kite, but windy enough... that might take experimentation and you'll also want to be wary of overhead wires and kite eating trees, though it is the electrical hazards that are the greater importance, the later just frustration. Also you must be wary that you would not be somewhere that you might walk or run into trouble like running off the edge of a gully or ravine or onto a road while looking up at the kite.

But once you have that kite up there and feel those kitten kite tugs keeping the kite aloft, you will be enjoying some time with your thoughts. I figure as good as any Eastern or other meditation.

~ Darrell


*Forgive me if I have details of kit fighting wrong. I have only limited exposure to it.

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