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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Way To Go Sport

Is It Really Sporting?

Have you ever wondered just what a "sport" is? Of course I am not meaning the breeding term where "sport" essentially refers to a spontaneous mutation. This comes I guess from where they have added things like "Texas hold'em Poker" to the Sports Channel. Granted, just because something is shown on a sports channel doesn't mean that it is a "sport". I imagine they can show anything within whatever regulations they operate under. I know that children's networks have specific guidelines they have to fit within

Is something a sport because there is competition? Poker might fit in as a sport as it is a competition. Likewise solitary activities like jogging might be considered a sport as one is in a way competing with oneself to if not improve one's time, to improve one's health. Fishing might be considered a contest between man an fish.

But then... what about people who are trying to get better grades than anyone else in school? I don't know that sport can be equated with competition or contest.

What makes something a "sport" and something not a "sport"?

If it is activity, then how much activity makes it a sport rather than a game? So we have sports, activities, competitions, games, and contests. I think that there are many places where these things include each other or cross over and wonder perhaps if the definition might be more that of exclusion rather than inclusion? I imagine too rather than simply say "activity" I should be saying "physical activity" or "mental activity" might be complicating issues.

I do think that really you can't completely equate game and sport - nor could you equate them with activity or competition. I think that there is a lot of debate and disagreement as to what would be considered a sport and often it would be the participants or avid followers of the "activity". ("activity" rather than "physical activity" here) Some people might feel upset if competitive hotdog eating were not considered a sport while others would be upset if hunting were considered a sport.

Where does a person draw the line... I guess it is a bit personal.

I think there is a lot to do with whether you watch or do too.

I am not so big on watching sports. I enjoyed playing a little bit of soccer and hockey when I was young. I played a touch of football and softball too. I did win a few trophies on a civic level for curling. I also enjoyed golfing, but only with my Dad and it wasn't really a matter of competition rather than challenge. I was rather fond of the idea of tournament fighting in the SCA with armour and rattan tourney swords, but that isn't a sport most have heard of.

I still feel dubious about poker being called a "sport" though no matter how much the players might squirm and sweat..

~ Darrell

PS a formal definition of "sport" is: an active diversion requiring physical exertion and competition.


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