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Monday, June 2, 2008

Howdy Do!

What Steam Roller?

If everyone else were jumping into the lake, I suppose you would too?
Of course not mate, I'd have to judge the size of the forest fire first!

Well you see it looks exactly like a dog, 'cept it has hooves instead of claws on its feet and it is maybe eight whole times bigger than a man; and these hooves it has, they's split and it has horns on its head and big brown eyes and it tends to go "Moo" a lot... but other than that it looks 'xactly like a dog.

I know all about "The Law of Attraction" and "The Secret" 'cause when I was young if ever there was something I knew I wanted to keep secret my sister would come around and say I'm gonna go get Mom and tell on you!

Now this aminal... animal, it looks more like cat than a dog, excepting it don't got no legs at all! It got two flippers though and a fin on its back and it don't got no fur and its tail gots these fluke things at the end which are like flippers or fins. And its muzzle isn't so cattish but is more beakish but I guess more like a sort of rounded bottomed beaker and the mouth that slits this round bottomed beaker sorta smiles and instead of having nostrils on the beaker bottom it has this blow hole thing on top and it's all grey and lives in the sea. Oh and it is a bit bigger than a person. But it looks more like a cat than a dog.

If you keep making that face it will freeze that way!
Oh cool, then I can be a super hero or villain like in the comics!

It was very dark but there are a few differences between a cow and a bear...

Now you see it is a lot like a pig. Not one o' them pink ones neither, one o' them dark ones with the nasty disposition. So it is like a pig 'cept it is real long an skinny and the 'ead is smaller round too, smaller 'n a spaniel's, and its dark and scaly and it's nose isn't so piggish but still snubbish and it can't blink cause it has no eyelids and it has a little darter of a tongue that keeps flitting out and it is split twain at the end and at the other end of this skinny pig... and it ain't got no legs, at the other end of this skinny pig instead of a curly-q tail it has this rattle! But you see it is a lot like a pig...

~ Darrell.


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