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Saturday, May 31, 2008

UFO Proven Real! Armed Forces Take Aim with...

UFO Proven Real! Armed Forces Take Aim With Tribe's Best Bows and Arrows!

Well, the UFO is a helicopter and the armed forces are natives of one of the very few remaining uncontacted peoples of our world, but imagine... Earth could be that remote village in a backwater part of the galaxy and the helicopter could be a UFO.

(Picture at left is from "The Independant".) When I first saw stories about the tribe the other day I was under the impression that nobody knew about these people, but reading today I realize that the Brazilian Government has known about them and agreed to release the photos of them so that the rest of the world can understand their plight. They live in dense jungles near Peru and anthropologists have known about the group for some 20 years. The "plight" has to do with fast-encroaching development in the form of deforestation. Brazil has closed down 28 illegal sawmills in the area where these tribes are located, but logging on the Peruvian side of the border has sent many Indians fleeing into Brazil where remaining isolated can get complicated - these people wishing to remain isolated and practicing their own ways.

The recently released photos have indeed raised awareness if you haven't noticed them already in the news... I have included just a few links to the recent stories so that you might catch up on your reading.

It just struck me how similar this would be to our view on UFOs. We see these strange things beyond our technology and perhaps beyond belief flying above our homes and threatening our safety and perhaps our way of life. In haste we bring out our best defenses, which also happen to be our best offenses, though probably the wisest among us know that likely they would do little good. In truth, a well aimed arrow might take down a helicopter or light plane, perhaps a well placed missile might to a UFO do the same?

Some of the articles mention just how poorly these tribes do in the wake of meeting up with "civilization". "First contact is often completely catastrophic for "uncontacted" tribes. It's not unusual for 50 percent of the tribe to die in months after first contact," said Miriam Ross, a campaigner with the Indian rights group Survival International. "They don't generally have immunity to diseases common to outside society. Colds and flu that aren't usually fatal to us can completely wipe them out." (The Associated Press - Brazil says uncontacted Amazon tribe threatened by Michael Aster)

I wonder what might be a comparison to our world of deforestation of space or encroachment of the Earth by alien interests? Are we watched by alien anthropologists? Do our airforce pilots look like black, orange, and yellow painted archers to them?

Perhaps there aren't UFO aliens out there flying back with holorecordertransmitters sending back images of us poor primatives and recording our plight so that the rest of the galaxy might take not and save the space forest - but it does make you think doesn't it?

~ Darrell


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