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Monday, May 19, 2008

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Water Bottle or Bottled Water?

I thought I might post a copy of the cartoon that inspired me to write the previous article I wrote to do with bottled water. It was pretty good, I thought and I think it is okay for me to include it as I have seen it in a few places and it credits the artist on the image. I recommend you all look up the cartoonist's site to see what else all they have to offer. I think I'll create a link to there for this entry myself.

Here is the cartoon:

I changed my mind and on second thought I actually decided just to post a thumbnail of the cartoon and link it to the actual page with the cartoon rather than the page that I found it on. I figure that this actually respects the artist's copyright rather than breaks it. Bottled water - Steve Greenberg in his Steve Greenberg environmental cartoons, part of his Editorial Cartoons. You can click on the thumbnail of the cartoon to get to his page.

It was a bit of a hunt to find the link to his page from the cartoon but I found it! Blogs: Steve Greenberg's Cartoons. I recommend you check him out.

~ Darrell


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