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Saturday, May 17, 2008

More Funny Stuff

More Flies in the Ointment!

Waiter! There's a Fly in my Cream of Elephant Soup!

Continuing on with the conversation with that a friend after a long excursion with friends hiking in the hills on a glorious, perhaps too glorious hot sunny summer day - sans hat - The Gnome remembered that his friend did not like to wear hats, caps, nor bonnets. They made her look too old. He suggested maybe a scarf. He knew she made a wrinkly face at that from the way she must have typed that scarves were for old women. Gnorman - for that is the name of the Gnome - opinioned that Princess Di wore scarves and looked great. His friend retorted that Di could look great in anything.

Later on the Gnome said out of the blue:


Gnomes sometimes do that out of the blue.

Another friend, Mr Monkey said:

Could you put that in a Banner - I'm having problems reading it.

So the Gnome obliged:

a BaBloinknner

...being the Gnome is an obliging sort of fellow.

Well Mr Monkey responded:

My eyes are bouncing so I can't see things clearly.

Mrs Fairy, the sun blessed hatless one admitted:

Minee felt a bit like that yesterday evening, touch too much sun I think!!

Mr Monkey responded (we are an odd group):

Nonono! No touch the sun - HOT! Not a good thing to touch at all!

Mrs Fairy further admitted:

You are right of course, my own fault, went waking on the hills with no hat

The Gnome being ever helpful said:

I told her that we would have to start sending her scarves if she wouldn't start wearing hats on her hikes and walks in the sun. Maybe she might wear a Tilly Endurable hat?

Mr Monkey considered:

That is a good thought - but perhaps not one that has been tested like the one that was eaten by an elephant and later retreaved.

The Gnome pondered a bit - and that can be dangerous and was proven so even today...

I have found that thoughts that had been ruminated upon make for much better thoughts, and I have heard there are not much better ruminators than elepodunks.

I think that scarves are to women what ties are to men... but scarves are much more useful because there are fewer ways to wear ties and really except for tourniquets and blindfolds there aren't too many uses to ties other than fancy dress.

Of course scarves while also useful as ways of expression in manner of colour, pattern, size, shape, material, and texture, have many more ways of being worn including as an impromptu tie. Where as ties can only pretend to maybe be worn as a headband or armband or drumandbugleband and the later is not really a good pretend.

A scarve, or scarf (see you can even find two ways to spell it really even plural if you have a number of scarfs or scarves) can even save your life!

There are even two really basic sorts of scarf if you look at the sort that are more traditionally the square sort to hold in the hair and the long narrow type used to hold out the cold.

Yes scarves have IT! even if you don't look at their cousin the veil!

Need I mention this is the first warm weather of the season?

Note some of the Gnome Conversations are stolen from conversations from "The Gnome's Garden" a Forum Based BBS that he runs as BelGnorman the Gnome. Names are modified to protect the innocent.


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