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Thursday, May 8, 2008


A Man's Home is His Castle! Right?

Isn't a man's, or a woman's home their castle? Shouldn't they be able to say what goes on in their home - within the laws of the country they reside in of course. I am not talking about them molesting children or even animals, or luring the postman in for tea and an evening of murder.

But what if the man, woman, or couple heterosexual or homosexual or asexual wish to actually build a small castle on that city lot next to yours?

Should they be allowed to build stone-by-stone a small castle complete with drawbridge and towers, just so long as it stays the requisite distance from the property line and doesn't endanger anyone by nature of being a fire hazard or anything along those lines. For argument's sake let's say the structure has electricity to code and proper plumbing - no oubliette, or dungeons for a WC or waste removal - but something approximately the size of the houses around it. Albeit with a crenellated walkway around the edge of a roof at the same height of the peaks of the surrounding homes affording a grand view of the scenery for miles around. Perhaps it might have a tower even higher.

In any case, should the neighbours have a say in whether such a structure could be built as a single family dwelling in their residential neighbourhood?

It sort of fits in with the idea about whether someone should be able to park an RV in their driveway in the front of their home or for that matter in the back if there is lane way access to the back yard. Or how about how many cars they can have or what percentage of the yard might be paved for parking cars.

It might be understandable if there is so much junk and clutter that it attracts rats, raccoons, and small bears, but if it were clean, organized and vermin free, what then?

Is someone's home their castle?

...perhaps, as long as they pay taxes and follow bylaws... stop paying taxes and discover who truly owns the land.


~ Darrell

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