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Sunday, May 4, 2008 - Dig It

Dig It - More Than Dirt

There is a wealth of information on " - Earth Science News, Maps, Dictionary, Artcles, Jobs". I wasn't sure what to expect from "" I have always been interested in geology and earth science with plate tectonics and continental drift; the stratigraphy of the Earth's crust; polished stones, crystals, and geodes; erosion; volcanoes; and mountain building - but I had forgotten about the celestial angle which comes into play as well with the geology of extraterrestrial bodies and even it seems galaxies in collision.

There are many gems on that page - and I mean gems of information and links to even more. There is a link to a page in on Galaxies in Collision which is a very visual article on galaxies colliding. I also like the article on Mapping Dark Matter in a Galaxy Supercluster. Again it is a very visual article - perhaps not everyone's cup of black coffee, but I know some of the physics-ly minded will appreciate it.

Putting our feet a bit firmer on terra firma, there is a link to a page with Igneous Rock Photos and there is an article on a special type of quartz crystal called a Herkimer Diamond which is a quartz crystal with a point on both ends named for Herkimer county, New York.

Perhaps you have to be a bit of a science fan like me to appreciate the page, but you might be surprised if you have a look.

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