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Friday, May 2, 2008

Grumpy Old Man

Plays Well With Neighbours

I don't like feeling like a grumpy old man - but I feel like that far too often when it comes to getting along with the neighbours of my building.

I am a person who believes that when people must live in close proximity to each other they must make some allowances - bit the allowances must be made both ways. I am meaning in such areas as noise. It would be nice to live in apartment buildings that had 100% noise proof walls, roof, and ceiling, but I think that most do not have that luxury, though modern condo apartments might be closer than older rental apartment suites.

They do have some intelligent designing going on. At least in my building the wall between my bedroom and the next suite is against their bedroom and the wall against my living room is against their next suite's living room. That means noisy room is against noisy room and quiet room is against quiet room - sort of.

When a neighbour puts a high powered stereo or sound system in their bedroom it can be a problem if their sleeping hours are different from yours. You might not want to feel the "Battle of Britain" coming through the wall at 2am when they feel like watching that flick with the base turned up. It is bad enough if it is coming through the living room walls.

If someone has the flu and you hear them coughing all night, you can commensurate with them - you know they are suffering and really would rather not be making such a racket. But they have a choice with the sound systems.

I know that I play my TV, Stereo, and Computer at reasonable levels. If I really wanted to increase the gain I would use headphones probably.

Then there is the matter of heavy feet. If you live on the bottom floor you can clog dance to your heart's content, but if you live over someone else you must be aware that heavy footsteps are heard down below. Even normal walking is heard, but is toleratable. Advantage of bottom floor - clog dancing - advantage of top floor - not worrying about clog dancing neighbours upstairs.

I don't mind if a neighbour has a party occasionally either as long as it might shut down halfway reasonably. Or at least tune down at 10pm from 11 on the amp. to 10 or better 9 in volume... well actually in an apartment building even for a party those higher levels are too high even for a party.

Then there is the matter of recreational substances that are not recognized as legal...

I have chosen not to smoke weed. I am aware of second hand tobacco smoke and I think even most smokers are. Why aren't pot smokers? Or at least it seems they aren't judging by the second hand pot smoke I get into my room at times. I actually get a bad reaction to the stuff. It makes me nauseous and perhaps it is an interaction with some of the medicine I have to take, but I also start having mood swings which I do not care for.

I am really not very happy when that happens.

I live life in my apartment trying to be reasonably quiet. I walk softly, not tippy toeing, but not stomping. I don't slam doors. I don't jump up and down, especially not after 10 pm or before 10 am. If I have a party we turn things down a notch after 10 or 11pm Just as we make arrangements for guests to spend the night if we have any drinking. There's no pot or recreational drugs on the balcony or in the hallway.

Maybe you could say that I am not suited to apartment living... maybe they aren't?

Am I the only one who tries to get along with the neighbours?

Am I the only one who doesn't blast their ears off with loud music?

Or maybe I am just getting grumpy with age... nah, I didn't like it when I was 18 either.


~ Darrell

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