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Saturday, May 10, 2008


Sometimes I Read the Ads

Sometimes I read the ads and watch the commercials. Still I really hate some commercials and ones that I once really enjoyed, I don't after 5 repetitions. I think in part it has to do with holding my interest and the creativity involved.

On the Internet it is a bit different. I understand that many pay for the services they get by the inclusion of ads on their pages. It used to be that ads sometimes could get inappropriate but that seems to have been a phase of growing pains. Now they seem to try to tailor the ads to the assumed viewing audience. That makes it so the ads are actually something that might interest the user of that web site.

I might prefer not to have ads at the moment on my own sites, but at the same time can sometimes find useful nuggets in the ads of others' pages. I think that would be much less likely if the ads weren't targeted based on the assumed topic of the page. I wonder what sorts of ads they might put on Gnomestead Stump?

~ Darrell

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