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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Funny Stuff

A Bowl of Soap... er Soup.

What's That Fly Doing In My Soap?

Upon hearing that a friend after a long excursion with friends hiking in the hills on a glorious, perhaps too glorious hot sunny summer day - sans hat - The Gnome heard her to say that:

"I spent two or three minutes looking in the clothes tumble drier and the clothes washer for the bowl of tomato soup I had been heating in the microwave."

The Gnome's response was:

"It is far far better to look for a bowl of soup in the clothes tumble dryer than to find one in there. Nodding 3 That goes almost as much so for the clothes washer. Clothes washers tend to be rugged individuals and can take care of themselves soup-wise - even tomato soup-wise - in particular if teamed up with low phosphate detergent. Not so good for improving the taste of the soup I am afraid."

I wonder if that was from personal experience?

Shocked 3

~ Darrell

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